About Us

Good Earth Cheese is hand-crafted from non-GMO seeds and nuts and cultured to perfection to create delicious plant based hard cheeses and creamy spreads with the depth and sharpness found in fine traditional dairy cheeses. Locally made in Denton, Texas and aged in small batches.


Before Good Earth Cheese came to be, Angilee was in the kitchen exploring the living world of raw and fermented foods, trying her hand at recipes that were plant based, dairy free, deliciously satisfying and a good source of protein to support her vegan lifestyle. Allergic to dairy all of her life, she understands the challenges of staying well in a culture where traditional dairy is still mainstream. After years of making seed and nut cheeses for herself and family, her creative partner (and bestie), Jana C. Perez declared, “You should sell your cheeses—they are so good!” And so, Angilee perfected her recipes and, with the help of Jana, has brought them into the world for others to enjoy. Motivated by a passion for well being and foods that are both indulgent and life affirming, Good Earth Cheese was created.


Angilee and Jana have been creative partners for years, combining their passion for fine art photography, design and food. Their creative energies combined have produced many laughs, a few wild adventures and a series of collaborative projects, such as the photo series, Perform La Femme.


From the Community


Nichole from PermacultureDenton

“Scrumptious. Super delish!”


Ed from Spicy Caballero Seasonings

“You guys have a really awesome product.”


Kelsey from A Nourished Lifestyle

“It’s seriously the best freaking cheese–it is so creamy and packed full of nutrients!”