Ingredients in all cheeses: organic cashews, salt, cultures, and chickpeas


Additional ingredients by flavor:

  • Tuscany: sun dried tomatoes (packed in sunflower oil), green olives, garlic and spices

  • Cran-Chili: sweetened cranberries & red chili pepper

  • Herb Garden: herbs & spices

  • Chedda: nutritional yeast, garlic, red pepper and spices

  • Coco chive: coconut, lemon and spices

  • Parmesan Crumble: herbs and spices, tomatoes, soy, olives, nutritional yeast, garlic, lemon. May contain small amount of sunflower oil

  • Saucy Sauce: Coconut milk, peppers, carrots, onion, potato, nutritional yeast, garlic, spices, and lemon

Nutritional Questions

VEGAN: We don’t use any animal products in our cheeses


KOSHER: Though our products contain no animal products and none enter our facility, we are not certified Kosher at the time.


RAW: All of our aged cheeses, in wedge form, are cultured and “raw” meaning that they do not undergo any heat process during production. This includes the following flavors: Afternoon in Tuscany, Herb Garden, Chedda’, Smoked Miso, Chili Cranberry, and Coco-Chive Cream cheese.


GLUTEN FREE: All cheeses are gluten free.


SOY: Soy is only used in our Parm Crumble and Smoked Miso. All other flavors are soy free!


CHEESE CULTURES: We use proprietary cultures that do not contain any animal products.


PLANT OILS: The majority of our aged cheeses have no added oil, with the exception of Coco-Chive (coconut oil) and Tuscany (sun dried tomatoes in sunflower oil).


NUTRITIONAL YEAST: We only use nutritional yeast in two of our products— Chedda' and Parm Crumble, all other cheeses are yeast free. Nutritional yeast is an inactive yeast grown primarily for nutritional purposes. It is high in protein and B vitamins, including B12.  


MSG: We do not add MSG to any of our products.


CASHEWS: We use organic cashews. They are all GMO free.


PEANUTS: We never use peanuts in our products and there is no risk of contamination.


MISO: Miso is a fermented paste made from grains and legumes. Traditionally, miso is made from soybeans, we however use chickpeas, so it is soy and gluten-free

Product Related Questions

Product Quality Issues

If anything about a product was less than incredible, we want to hear about it. Please call us at  940-220-9296 (9am – 5pm CST) or email: info@goodearthcheese.com. If you purchased from us at a local market, our customer service team will contact you within 72 hours. If you purchased from a retail store, please return your product to that retailer for a full refund.


How Long Will Good Earth Cheese Last?

Our cheeses will continue to age over time, but for optimal taste we recommend consuming within 3 weeks of the date marked on the package. However, if mold has not developed on the cheese, it is still edible. Some folks prefer the cheese after 4 weeks for the hardness of the cheese and the aged flavor. If it smells good and does not have mold, the cheese is perfectly fine to eat!

Should I Refrigerate Good Earth Cheese?

For optimal quality and shelf life please keep cheese in the fridge. If cheese is tightly wrapped in plastic or foil, it will sweat and spoil quicker and potentially grow mold. If left open to breath, such as in parchment paper and sitting on a wooden mat (wood absorbs moisture) it will last for a long time.


Can I Freeze Good Earth Cheeses?

Yes! All of our products can be frozen! We recommend wrapping in freezer paper and then storing in freezer bags.


Where can you find Good Earth Products?

Check out the “Find Us” page on our website for a listing of local places where Good Earth Cheese is sold.

Does Good Earth Cheese melt?

No, we don’t add starch or heat to our process, both of which are required to make stretchy, melty cheese. We don’t add heat or starch because we want to provide you with a raw, probiotic food full of live cultures and nutrients and without additives and fillers.


Can you cook with Good Earth Cheese?

Sure, it’s great on pizza or lasagna as well as a plethora of other things (see our blog and follow us on instagram for ideas). It may develop a slightly toasted flavor when baking. Its deleicious raw or cooked and can even be blended to make sauces and dressings.


Why is Good Earth Cheese a bit more expensive than other vegan cheeses at the grocery store?

We make our cheeses with 100% nuts + flavorings and don’t use water, plant milks or starches. It is a very nutrient dense food and it is slow aged for up to 30 days. This takes time and attention in rotating and aging the cheeses. Your cheese has been lovingly tended to by hand (not in a factory) and in very small batches for weeks before it finds its way to your table. So in short, time and quality ingredients without fillers makes for our high-end cheeses.



Wholesale Inquires: Please send requests to info@goodearthcheese.com.



At this time we are not shipping our product, however, you can pre-order for pickup at a local market at least three days prior by messaging us through Facebook. Please contact us at 940-220-9296 or info@goodearthcheese.com for custom orders or catered events.



At this time, Good Earth is not hiring. But we hope to expand soon!



Please call us at 940-220-9296 (9am – 5pm CST) or email: info@goodearthcheese.com.