Afternoon in Tuscany

The Tuscany is a savory blend of green olives, sun dried tomatoes and basil. Inspired by our time at a two-week artist residency in the Chianiti region of Tuscany, this cheese is a homage to the beauty of the sloping olive groves that surrounded our days and the delight of a thick Italian crusty bread slice slathered in olive oil and adorned with thick slices of salted, vine ripe tomatoes. 


Smoked Miso

 This cheese is cultured with yellow miso and flavored with paprika, turmeric and truffle. A salty cheese sure to please those who enjoy an umami depth of flavor likened to the earthiness of mushrooms and a smoked meat or gouda.


This flavor is not always available, so be sure to ask us via email or Facebook message if you would like to purchase some. 


With a sharp, vibrant flavor, this take on traditional Cheddar, compliments apple pie, a robust red wine, any type of sandwich or is delicious just plain sliced. 

Parm Crumble

This is a sharp, savory crumble of aged cheeses perfect for popcorn, pasta, steamed veggies or sprinkled on salads.


Herb Garden

Herb Garden is a fragrant and herbaceous cheese that’s especially good on crackers and pairs well with both the sweetness of fruits and savory dishes both hot or cold—inspired by Angilee’s time tending her organic herb garden, this cheese celebrates the aromatic flavors and healing powers of herbs such as marjoram, rosemary, thyme, dill and lavender.


Cranberry Chili

This cheese is a favored variety, bursting with flavor and has the combined slow heat of red chili and the sweetness of tart cranberries. Excellent on a morning bagel, crumbled into a kale and avocado salad or just simply nibbled on straight out of the package.

Coco Chive Spread

Creamy and spreadable, this cheese is milder than our hard cheese. With a hint of coconut and a kiss of chives, this flavor pairs perfectly with a favorite bread, bagel and a cuppa', cracker or can be spread on celery, sliced cucumbers and more!

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